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Edo Bread

This CTC (Clean The Cupboard) loaf was created to use up some grains and take advantage of the oven-dried tomatoes from the days big harvest.

The formula was something like this:

  • 100g farro
  • 100g WW flour
  • 400g Bread flour
  • 150g white flour levain - mild 100% H
  • 150g rye flour levain - sour 100%H
  • unknown quantity of oven-dried tomatoes and grated parmesan.
  • sesame and chia seeds

Was really delicious and with additional oven-dried tomatoes slathered on was a meal in itself.

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Edo Bread

My basic pain au levain coming off the grill. With the summer heat I have been working on this method for awhile.


On a recommendation being sent to Yeast Spotting

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Edo Bread

Seemed like a good day to try some challah.

Both leavened with wild yeast. Traditional round baked in a cloche.

5 braid baked on an outdoor grill.  Both delicious.


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