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On the frustration of it all.....

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On the frustration of it all.....

"It is very disheartening and I am on the verge of giving up..."

When Cendrillon wrote the above in her current thread it certainly struck a nerve.  I have been at this for 2 yrs. myself and identify strongly with her.  The people and expertise on this forum have understandably been greatly appreciated.


However, there is this quote of reassurance from Rose Levy Beranbaum the author of the Bread Bible book on pg. 18:


“I  was considering giving it up because, unlike cake and pastry, which I had managed to control to my satisfaction, my bread never turned out exactly the same way two times in a row.  (Then this master baker at a leading restaurant responds to her…..)  “Neither does mine; I don’t know what I’m doing half the time.” 


“With this kind of encouragement I was up and running again.  Yes, bread is big parts alchemy, instinct, and artistry.  And although I have come to the level of repeatability where my breads at least weigh the same amount every time, I have also come to the realization that it is actually quite delightful that, despite the most precise and detailed directions, no two breads are ever exactly the same.”

I hope this helps........

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Crikey, if the pros can't do it, what hope have I got...

Thanks for that note of encouragement.


Virtual French Person

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I view my baking as therapy  from work. Funny, but I measure, weigh fold and ferment by schedule and find it very relaxing. The cool part is the results are different for each loaf but quite tasty, especially with wine and cheese……So don’t worry about the results we all knead a hobby....  


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My attitude is that I don't want to make perfect looking bread. I like a rustic, imperfect look and I guess in  the end, maybe I'm less frustrated then some because I pretty much always get something that appeals to my senses and I really don't care if each bread is a little different. Each bread is a new baby.