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Rev 1.0 web-based hydration calculator

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Rev 1.0 web-based hydration calculator

I like to "do my own thing" with flour, water, salt, and sometimes yeast.  This means that I often need to figure out hydration levels of a dough with 1 or 2 pre-ferments.  I could do it, usually, but it pushed the bounds of my arithmatic skills.  My husband wrote a javascript hydration calculator for me.  I use it all the time.  Perhaps someone else will find it useful as well.


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Thanks for sharing.  That will come in handy.  I bookmarked the page. :)

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Doc Opa



I want to thank you and your husband for this javascript hydration calculator.


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You're very welcome Mark.  I'm glad that you find it helpfil.  If there are improvements that you think of, don't hesitate to suggest them.


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The very thing. Thanks for developing this. Anything other than good round numbers in hydration was making my brain cramp. This is a big help.   Daisy_A

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This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing!