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Question about blue cheese

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Question about blue cheese

I am preparing to make my sourdough wth blue cheese and other ingredients. I have often wondered if blue cheese goes bad. I am certain it does. I keep a large amount in the fridge and I can sometimes tell that after a while it has a malty finish. Once it reaches that point I pitch it and replace. However, I have noticed when I use my vacuum sealer it tends to draw the moisture from the cheese. If I pour off that liquid the cheese seems to last longer. But it still leaves the question at what point does blue cheese go bad?

Any thoughts?


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staff of life

I've noticed sometimes an off odor and some other mold growing on blue cheese that's been around too long.  I'm sure different varieties have different manifestations of going bad.  Since you're going to put it in bread anyway, why not keep extra cheese in the freezer?  It defrosts semi-quickly, and crumbles a lot more easily after it's been frozen.


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Have you tried wrapping the cheese in waxed paper before vacuum sealing it? I tried that recently with feta cheese, and it keeps the liquid inside the bag/jar. Each time I open the bag/jar, I replace the waxed paper. I'm doing that with all my cheeses now, even dry ones like cheddar.