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jalapeno sourdough ; )

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jalapeno sourdough ; )

 sucsess with my experiment  what i did was add red jalapenos ,rosemary ,thyme and oregano to my sourdough and out comes some awesome bread , i like that hot stuff , hehe  

         here are some pics mmmmmmspicyspicynot to spicynot too spicy

    still useing those darn loaf pans ,  but hey i am a sandwich lover     

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That looks so good!! I am a fan of the spicy too. I am still harvesting the Habanero right now. Would you share the recipe? Toasted with some real mozerella or havarti cheese.


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here goes

300 gs sponge @ 100% hydration

20 gs sugar

5 gs salt

12 gs oil

1 egg, small

 155gs flour ,you may have to tweek the flour a bit

 then  i went to my garden and got 1 red jalapeno next time i'll use 2 hehe ,then grabbed a couple sprigs of thyme ,  a couple of oregano and 2 sprigs of rosemary, saved 1 for top garnish  and chopped them up and threw them in the sponge and made the bread. it worked really good , you can use italian seasoning if you have no fresh herbs on hand ,,about 1 Tablespoon  should do  hope you like it  i think its great  and have fun i did .

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I will try to get to this one this week in the  baking frenzie!

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can't wait till my sourdough starter is up and running...... 


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Looks and sounds tasty! We have some hungarian wax, thai and habenero chilis in the garden. I've been looking for some way to use them all. This could be a start...

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Wow!!  Gorgeous.  Sounds like it tastes as good as it looks.  Great job.


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 blush    aww ... you guys make me feel good =)   thanks and it is good

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chahira daoud

I love your bread, very nice , i will try it and let you know about the result ,

Thanks a lot for sharing with us these beautiful pics and your recipe.

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Great looking bread, warmouth. The addition of habeneros would certainly kick star any sandwich! I think I'll try this along with a bowl of chili. How long did you knead your loaves? Did you end up with a soft or 'chewy crumb?

Scott (Phxdog)

warmouth's picture

 i like the heat of habeneros but not to much the flavor 

 and not long on the knead 4 or 5 mins then 3 stretch and folds   and the crumb is a little chewy