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Peter Reinhart is Recruiting Recipe Testers

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Peter Reinhart is Recruiting Recipe Testers

Peter Reinhart is seeking recipe testers for his new book. Go to his website for more details:



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thanks for posting this! 


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This will be so much fun! 

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I wonder what type of book this will be...anyone got any ideas or info? I checked out the site but didn't get any clues or hints, but then again i'm not the best at finding info like that. Any help or info is going to be appreciated,

Thanks in advance


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Very interesting.  I'm tempted but I'd be interested if one of the past testers relayed his past experiences.  I want to try it, but February deadline means there're about 50-60 recipes to try in 4 months, and I don't want to sign up for something I can't put my 100% into.


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I was a past tester. Don't worry because it is at your own pace. He only sends you one recipe at a time to try and doesn't send another until you turn in your report on the first recipe. You don't have to try every single recipe. I would never have time for that, either! Sometimes he would give a list and you could choose what you wanted to try. He is a very kind man and very appreciative of any testing you do for him. I highly recommend it! In the process of testing you will also learn a lot.

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that he will be doing baguettes..we have some pros in here..Janedo, Dave, Eric,  Howard..Steve..this sounds like your bailiwick.

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REALLY?????? I signed up and was accepted. I'll definitely be doing THAT recipe! I figured that since I make so much bread it would be fun. I did specify that I'd be using French flours.


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I'm jazzed to get onboard.


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I've sent an email off, though I'm unsure that a real beginner like me could contribute as much as all of you!

Not to worry, my fingers are crossed :-)

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chahira daoud

Me too!!!!

I am one of the testers , i think it will be a real fun, so we are fellows now !!!.

I am so happy and very excited , waiting for the first recipe,I think it is also a great opprtunity for us to try exclusively his recipes.


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Just under the wire, whew!  It comes at a good time, the cold weather is coming and I do my best baking during those months.


Redundancy is your friend, so is redundancy

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i'm a tester as well. looks like i am #295....


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...  I did e-mail in and am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a slot too.  Out internet has been iffy since Ike hit almost a month ago.  So I will keep hoping!

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I am one of the tester too. I'm looking forward to try the recipe. You'l have a great day. 


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Yes, I got an E-mail today and it seems I must be somewhere around the 295 number also.  I went to the blog and it seems as those he has reached the goal number he has set.  This should be fun.  Terry

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I think you folks misunderstand the e-mail.  He refers to the total number of testers, not to any particular tester #.  But judging by the fact how quickly the slots filled up after Susan's post a good half of testers are from here.