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Gone In Sixty Seconds

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Larry Clark

Gone In Sixty Seconds

Well, almost. I got another opportunity to try my hand at Anis Baguettes this past weekend when my wife asked me to make some for appetizers for a family gathering. The shaping and slashing went a little better this time. My only mistake was not doubling the recipe. The bread was devoured instantly to a chorus of Oooohs , Ahhhhs and Wonderfuls!




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I can see why these were devoured with such pleasure!  Lovely layout and the baguettes look perfectly delectable.  You'll have to do a repeat again and again, I'm sure!


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Hi hi hi... told you so! Glad you liked it. It's a fun one to make, don't you think?


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Larry Clark


and the 21 hour fermentation/retardation is a bonus. I can time it to have these baguettes ready whenever I want. 




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Well, Larry, I'm really happy that formula is working for you. You should try the "new and improved" formula with sourdough starter and rye flour added. What's Emeril say? "... up a notch!"

And, if you bake them for another family gathering, plan on one baguette per person. Hmmm ... Since these aren't standard baguette length, you better make it two per person. (But stash some for yourself before putting them out.) ;-)

I agree regarding the advantage of the cold fermentation for fitting into a busy schedule.


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I can see why they were gone so quick, the slices look perfect. Great job.                                                                 weavershouse

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 Not only do your creations look beautiful, but the photographs are quite lovely.  As an amateur food photographer, I really appreciate a yummy photograph. :-)




Nature delights in diversity. Why don't humans?

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Very NICE crumb and crust.  Thanks for sharing.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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and well deserved!! Nice job!

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Larry Clark

to eveyone for the encouraging words.

I'm always amazed at how thankful people are when I give them a loaf of my sourdough and after they've tasted it, they track me down to tell me how good it was and how much they enjoyed it. The "oohs" and "ahhhs" are one of the things that make bread making so much fun.

And Allison, your comments on the photos are especially appreciated.