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Waiting for Gustav

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Waiting for Gustav

Today I am busy baking bread for Mammies Cupboard.  We are inundated with evacuees from New Orleans.  It is expected we will receive tropical force winds and gusts to hurricane force with double digit inches of rain.  There is a steady stream of cars coming through our community heading north.  All hotels and motels and 3 local shelters are full.

 I am sure we will lose power.  Our generator will not run my oven as well as the air conditioner, so I am baking bread today.  I bake a pumpernickle bread they use to make Ruebens.  I usually make 8 to 12 loaves a week for them.  With all the extra folks in town, they will probably be calling for more bread.

 Keep your fingers crossed for us and a little prayer wouldn't hurt either!


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I'll be thinking of all those in the path of this storm. I pray it's not a repeat of Katrina but it sure doesn't look good now.


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Thank God NYS has alrea mobilzed helicopters to your region.

Our thoughts and prayers are with...keep us posted please.


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The thoughts and prayers of many are with you today and tonight. Hopefully you can let us know how you fare tomorrow..


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We're keeping all of you in the hurricane zone in our prayers - and our linemen are all on standby waiting to head out where needed.

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I've been watching CNN all day, and will probably be doing the same tomorrow.  I managed to put my shoulder out kneading a whacking great cushion of dough yesterday, so can't do much of anything.  You are in our prayers tonight and for as long as you need us.  Please God, you will all be safe!

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Blessings and prayers, from all of us on the West coast.



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I saw that on the news last night. We're thinking about you over here in France as well.


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Mini Oven

from the other side of the other pond too that you'll be watched over. 

Mini O

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You are all in our prayers.  Terry

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and all your family and friends. We will be watching and praying for your safety. Post as soon as you can to let us all know of your wellbeing.


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thinking of you all in the hurricane path, and praying for your safety.

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Thank you all for your kind words.  We faired pretty well here.  We were out of power for almost a week, but almost worse, our dish internet connection was disrupted until today when the repairman came.  It was so nice to read your comments and to know your thoughts and prayers were with us.  Now we see the terrible conditions in Texas and western Louisiana after IKE came through.  Our little inconviencies seem so small in the wake of the total distruction over there.