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My first Ciabatta

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My first Ciabatta

It could probably use a little less flour next time, but I'm glad the holes aren't too big to hold a little butter.




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GlindaBunny, those look wonderful, congratulations! Which recipe did you use? Did you find it easy or difficult? They look so professional - just like old slippers! A.

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That looks great. A first try? Seriously, those are awesome.

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These look wonderful!


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Nice job. They look delicious!!                                                     weavershouse

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Jeff M

Now I'm hungry

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I used the quick one from this site:


I know it's horrible, but I still don't have a scale yet.  I guessed the measurements.  I used 3 1/2 cups flour... ran out of bread flour, so used AP.  I had absolutely no clue how much salt 15 grams was.  I used 2 t of kosher salt and it seemed to taste right to me.


They're all gone now... 

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Great looking loaves. Cripes, you should have seen my first ciabatta. Looked like a flatbread ....