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I have learned new ideas, facts and techniques here and enjoy this site so much. Recently there was a post about a self built wood burning oven. I thought the oven was creative, attractive and unique. So (and I hope this is okay) I've linked to this site from where it is on the front page today. Please visit, the site is my new part time job, (being Mom is what I've been doing for almost 13 years) and check it out.


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Wow! I'm "famous"! (Or at least my oven is.) ;-)

I'm not sure it can be classified as an appliance tho' -- no plug!


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Mike Avery

There are two very focused groups over at worth mentioning at this point.


One is the brickovens group.  They focus on building and using brick ovens.  Check 'em out on line or treat 'em as a mailing list, which I do.  A good group, lots of good experience there.  There are ways to build very useable brick ovens for a lot less than the one mentioned above.


Another is the mixer owners's group.  They focus on "big" mixers like the Electrolux DLX and Bosch mixers.  (I see them as small mixers, but then again, I've played with 120 quart Hobart mixers and owned 30 and 50 quart mixers.  It's all a matter of perspective.)  The group also has lots of good experience in it, however, some of the people seem to be militant food faddists.  I mentioned that raw honey shouldn't be used in breads because it greatly impacts the rise, as per Laurel Robertson. and was put in my place.  Boiling honey destroys the micro-nutrients.  My questions about whether baking the bread with the honey in it wouldn't do the same didn't help my case.  There are, or were, some sacred elephants in this group.  I left, but still think there's a lot of good information there.


Head over to to sign up for these groups.