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Jewish Salt Sticks

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Jewish Salt Sticks

Hi Everyone,

 I grew up in Philadelphia where the local bakeries and Kosher delis sold "Salt Sticks".  They were made from a Kaiser dough and rolled like a giant croissant, but not curved.  Then course salt was sprinkled on the outside. Does anyone have a traditional bakery recipe for these?  P.S.  I'm also looking for a recipe for a traditional Philadelphia deli cheese or rice knish.

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Hi. I got this recipe from Norm Berg (nbicomputer) and made them last week (first attempt). My bake temp (450) was a little high and I dialed it down in this recipe, so they weren't all that great to look at, but they sure tasted good. 

32oz bread or first-clear flour (I used bread flour)
16oz water
1.5oz beaten egg
1.5 oz sugar
0.5 oz malt syrup/powder
1.5 oz vegetable oil
0.6oz salt
0.3oz active dry yeast (or equivalent cake/instant yeast)

1. Mix the water/malt/yeast and egg/oil separately; blend dry flour and sugar in mixer or by hand;

2. Add the liquids to the flour/sugar and hydrate well. This is a very stiff dough so run your KA, if using, at lowest speed, then switch to the dough hook.

3. Knead for about 10 min until the dough is very smooth and elastic, then set aside and let rise until doubled in bulk.

4. Turn dough, which will be incredibly silky, onto a dry board (no additional flour) and punch down, shape into 3-4 oz boules and let rest, covered, for at least 20 min.

5. Preheat the oven to 435. Shape the boules into rough 4-5 inch triangles and roll like a croissant; allow to rise to about 3/4 proof; spray them with a light spray of water and sprinkle heavily with a mixture of kosher salt and caraway seeds.

6. Let sticks fully proof -- about another 15 min; bake on parchment with a *very* light spritz of water into the oven until they're nice and brown -- 10-15 minutes. Enjoy!


Onion Rolls/Salt Sticks

Onion Rolls/Salt Sticks

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Those salt sticks look terrific and I have saved the recipe.


Do you have a recipe for the onion rolls, too?



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Type Norm's Onion Rolls in the search box, scroll down abit and you'll see this recipe

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Hi Boron,

Sorry for the delay; I haven't been here for a while. Check this thread for all kinds of good info (including some pin-ups of my onion rolls):

Good luck, Stan

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My salt sticks came out very dense; not like the light airy ones I've purchased at Jewish bakeries.  Any suggestions? 

I carefully measured all of the ingredients and kneaded by hand for 10 minutes.  Could I have overkneaded my dough?  Also, although the .6 oz. of salt is listed as an ingredient, it is not included as part of the main recipe.  Should that be added to the flour and sugar or is it just used for sprinkling on top of the salt sticks with the caraway seeds prior to baking?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Janet Levy

Los Angeles