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freezing sourdough dough

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freezing sourdough dough

We are going to be traveling in our caravan for an extended period, 2-3 months, and I don't have room in the freezer too take more than one loaf.  Has anyone frozen their dough?  If so after the first or second proof?


Thanks in advance

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I freeze already-baked loaves of bread (already sliced) all the time.

If you have a refrigerator and the ability to bake bread, you might want to try Jacques Pepin Easy Bread.

The original youtube is also out there if you want to see him make it. The bread is part of a dinner he is making.

Prebag the flour/salt in ziplocs, invest in a cheap 2 qt nonstick pan and enjoy fresh bread. It is more of a batter bread (dough texture) but turns out pretty well. I'm sure if you want to add other things (oil,butter or sugar) you can.

Have delicious fun!