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Third attempt and finally happy :)

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Third attempt and finally happy :)

Hi All,

I wanted to give you an update as you helped me so much <3

After my first two failed attempts:


Today, I finally got the result I've been looking for - a beautiful, beautiful loaf with so much flavor it's to-die-for:

@idaveindy: I followed your first suggestions of using 773g of the bread flour and not use the "AP flour". I also moved the hyrdation back to 72% as you suggested. Thank you so much for this :)

I also tried to form and shape "tighter" loafs which definitely helped as well.

So yeah, not sure where this takes me, I was thinking about making a completely white loaf now, with only the starter having whole wheat flour, and maybe increasing hydration for a bit more challenge haha

Once again, thank you! :)

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Thanks for the follow up.  Looks great!  Congrats!


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Mini Oven

Sure looks good!

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Well done. Good volume and crumb. Very nice loaf.




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Patryk you must be over the moon with this bake, congratulations on a wonderful loaf.


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Thank you everyone :)