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Crumbly Yeast Dough

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Crumbly Yeast Dough

I was following a burger bun recipe I got on King Arthur Flour's website,  The only 2 things I changed were toasting the bread flour before putting it in the recipe, and using an extra egg yolk.  Now the dough feels like cookie dough instead of yeast dough, and I don't know if it was because I toasted the flour, the extra egg that caused it, or both?  And now I'm not sure how to fix the dough, if it can be fixed.

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Famous last words.  

Even without knowing the degree of “toasting”, it is almost certain that the flour has been fundamentally altered.  Those alterations might very well lead to the conditions you describe.  An extra egg yolk would make the dough richer but not so much as to make the dough like cookie dough.  

I think you will need to start over.