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Giant Hole Under Sourdough Crust

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Giant Hole Under Sourdough Crust

Hihi! Just started baking sourdough recently and I was trying the oval/batard shape but got this huge hole at right under the crust. The rest of the crumb is what I was going for - not too dense and not too open, so I'm curious what could be the cause of the huge hole. Is it likely a giant air bubble from shaping my dough?


  • 70% hydration
  • 20% whole wheat flour; 80% high gluten flour
  • 20% levain
  • 2% salt

My process:

  • ~4 hours for levain to at least double in height
  • ~2 hour autolyse
  • Added levain and mixed (rest 30 min)
  • Added salt and mixed (rest 30 min)
  • Fold (rest 30 min)
  • Lamination (rest 30 min)
  • 3 Coil Folds (30 min intervals)
  • Bulk ferment (3 hours | total time since levain added: 6 hours)
  • Pre-shape (fold right side; fold left side, fold top; fold bottom)
  • Shape (tried to degas a bit; fold right side; fold left side; jelly roll; pinch side seams together and dragged it around a bit to create tension on the seam)
  • Overnight fridge proof (12 hours)
  • Scored
  • Baked in dutch oven at 500 degrees F (25 min) and then lid off at 475 degrees (15 min)



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Since your crumb looks excellent, I think it's just a shaping issue. You must have trapped a large air bubble by accident.

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Thanks BaniJP!