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Brioche dough temperature for Tartine brioche recipe?

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Brioche dough temperature for Tartine brioche recipe?

I'm planning to make the brioche from the Tartine Bread Book.

In the recipe it recommends bulk fermentation at a room temp of 70 degrees for 2 hours.

I don't have anywhere in my house that's anywhere close to that cool, especially at this time of year.

I plan to control the temp by cooling the milk, eggs, flour , and then if necessary put the dough in the fridge for a bit.

My question is, if a 70 degree room temperature is recommended, should i try to keep the dough temp at 70, cooler than that, or warmer than that?

Am I over thinking things?

The house will probably be around 77 degrees, I don't really want to get it much lower than that.




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If it's your first time doing a recipe you're sort of in the land of trial and error.  I do a lot of brioche and as coincidence fermenting a batch right now.  The temps are never consistent as I imagine is the case with many home environments.  I will typically try to choose early morning or late evening (especially during summer) when I need lower temps but will still need to adjust and usually do that by shaving or adding time to the proof.  In this case I would suggest shooting for 1.5 hours and yeah cold milk or water would be a good start ;) 

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