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Off white bread

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Pam Bates

Off white bread

I have been breadmaking for a few months now and although my dinner rolls turn out as expected, my white loaves are usually a bit dense and always off white. The rolls are always a perfect white, soft and pillowy.  What am I doing wrong?

I use a kenwod bread machine but recenly have used only the dough cycle and baked in the oven.

I have tried various recipes, all are the same.

I just want a nice white sandwich loaf.

Help please.

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How are your formulas different for the two?  i assume you're doing enriched dough with these? milk, butter, oil?

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Pam Bates

I've tried all sorts of recipes, with egg, butter, or/and milk.

I;ve even tried making the dinner roll recipe in a bread pan.

Still off white, but the rolls are always white.

Thanks for any tips.