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Chock Full of Nuts Whole Wheat Donuts

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Chock Full of Nuts Whole Wheat Donuts

Hey New Yorkers of a certain age.  Do you remember Chock Full of Nuts lunch counters? It was my go-to when I was in my 20s.  Delicious food and cheap.  The only problem was figuring out who was going to get up from the counters to give you a seat!  Anyway, they used to make whole wheat donuts that were to die for.  Does anyone have the recipe?  I've searched and searched.  All that is posted is their date nut sandwich.

Does anyone know where the recipe for the whole wheat donuts is?

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I've often found trying several alternative search engine's help when I stump Google with a search. It's worked in the past for me.  I just tried and put "whole wheat donuts" in quotes and came up with some recipes - but with no reference to that restaurant per se. I then tried to search "chock full of nuts" "whole wheat donuts" together as I just typed and found more.. but not "the" recipe.. good luck..