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Hovis recipe

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Hovis recipe

I am looking for a Hovis bread recipe that I can recreate at home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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Search Box (upper right corner of this screen):

Looks like a wheat germ/white flour hybrid. Let us know how it works out.


EDIT: I found this interesting article about Hovis bread. I had never heard of t before.

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FlourGirl, you can also click THIS LINK for information on Hovis bread on The Fresh Loaf forum.


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I know we invented the "Chorleywood process" but we did get something right with Hovis (hominins vis) bread. Recognising the health benefits of wheat germ.

That ad is iconic and an early work of Ridley Scott.

The funny thing is the setting is telling of a Yorkshire story but actually filmed in Dorset.

I have traversed that hill at least a couple of times!

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Interesting that the popularity of this ad (Britain's favourite apparently) confirms our obsessive and unhealthy love of nostalgia - and it was a fake!