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Tartine and treatment of bakers

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Tartine and treatment of bakers

Thought this would be of interest to folks here.Tartine Officially Comes Out Against Its Workers’ Unionization Effort:

Apologies if its the wrong forum, but I learned a lot from the Tartine book and especially how skilled you must be to be a good baker. I also support the craft of baking and want everyone to have a fair wage.

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Sounds like they are about to go under.

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There are thousands of unions in the United States.  Workers have a right to form them, and unionized workers are on average better paid.  This is hardly the forum to settle the larger question of unions pro/con, and there may be no general answer!  But I would very humbly suggest that if 141 bakery workers at Tartine have signed a letter asking to form a union, we should respect their assessment of their own situation.