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Various links, "bookmarks."

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Various links, "bookmarks."

Oval banneton, 10x6x4, with liner:

Oval banneton, 11", with liner:

Round banneton, 11.8", with liner:


Round banneton, 12", Brick Oven Baker:

Oval, high, 10", Brick Oven Baker:


80+ types of flour at General Mills:

Of note to bread and pizza bakers:

See right side for form to locate a distributor based on zip code.


To get more tang, and lactic vs acetic:


addendum, other references: 

King Arthur professional flour, mostly 50 lb bags:

Caputo (mill in Naples, Italy):

US distributor of Caputo/All Trumps / mail order/ repacks:

Brick Oven Baker's explanation of Caputo Flours:

Central Milling (Utah):

Keith Giusto Bakery Supply, KGBS, Petaluma CA, part of Central Milling:

Explanation of W, PL, ash%, extraction, Italian/French/German/US specification systems:

Bread Bakers' Guild of America, formatting formulas:



Favorite tortilla: or  - don't use all the water. Or