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Acrylamide and Rosemary

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Acrylamide and Rosemary

Here's a quote to pique your interest and the article url:

The addition of rosemary to dough prior to baking a portion of wheat buns at 225°C reduced the acrylamide content by up to 60 per cent. Even rosemary in small quantities in one per cent of the dough was enough to reduce the acrylamide content significantly.

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Maybe a link to why ~ 75% of us will die by cancer if we don't get hit by a truck!

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I am reticent to believe every howling voice that cries carcinogenic. What I have never seen is a study to prove, or even indicate, that when an agent is shown to cause cancer in rats at high doses that it causes cancer in rats at levels equivalent to that commonly consumed by whom ever or whatever consumes it. If this chemical has been present for zillions of years, who is to say that we haven't adapted to it and it is now essential to life? Rats don't typically cook their food, although there was a recent documentary showing otherwise in France ;-), so they would not have had as much chance to adapt to it. Therefore it causes cancer in them. We could use more cancer in rats. Think of the consequences historically if plague bearing rats had died of cancer before they could be a threat.

That's my story,


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I just could not do a raw food diet.


I like my food cooked thanks...and I like my bread dough cooked even more ;) 




More than just bread blog.



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Let's see, that would be about 10 full Tablespoons of Rosemary in a 2 loaf 1000g mix. Sounds yummy if you are a rabbit.

Not wanting to make light of anything related to breast cancer (everyone I know has a couple), baked bread has been a mainstay of all mankind for many thousand years. I think I'll stick my chest out and say "Don't be Ridicalus"!!!