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What is happening with 5 lb rye flour?

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What is happening with 5 lb rye flour?

Hi guys.  I am trying to find 5 lb bags of rye flour and do not see anyone who carries them anymore.  Checked all local grocery store which used to carry it, checked amazon.....   Does anyone know what is going on with that and where I can find those.  

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I know.  All that seems left in local stores is Bob's Red Mill brand in 22 oz bags.

Here are  5 and 25 pound bags online:   Rye flour, organic:

US $5 for 5 pounds, $18.75 for 25 pounds.


organic whole rye Berries:

prices do not include shipping from Pullman, MI.

See their private truck delivery links at


for  info on bulk/group orders.  

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It's as bad as I have ever seen with the rye flour.   I guess stores need shelf space for all the keto/gf bs.  May be when that fad is over it will come back, or may be not.  You can check if there any co-ops nearby those may have it the bulk bins, otherwise it's small packs of Bob's Red Mill or mail order.  You can also contact Hodgson Mills and ask if they still ship to any local retailer.

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This sucks, and that they "keep the brand intact" does not mean that all products will be back.  The same thing happened 20 years ago when General Mills bought Pillsbury - the brand remained, but Pillsbury's medium rye got discontinued right away.

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I checked and Hodgson Mill was sold.  If you go to their web site there is a place where you can add your e-mail address to be notified when they again produce 5 lb bags of rye fllour.
Here's the story: