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Is there some sort of rye flour shortage?

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Is there some sort of rye flour shortage?

I use very little rye in my baking but have come down to the last pound or so in the 5lb bag of Hodgson Mill that I bought at our local Walmart. They have none on the shelves and when I check the WM website the only 5lb on offer is selling for $51.20 with free shipping. That's 10x what I paid last time! The Hodgson Mill website shows it sold out and it has been like that for weeks. I can still find Bob's for about $4.00 for 22 ounces but I hate to over pay.

Anybody else having this problem?




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The Roadside Pi...

The local supermarkets have been out. Last weekend I got the last 4 lb. bag at whole foods.

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I can buy  50 lbs from my food vendor for $30. I would guess maybe it is an in house problem with Hodgson mill maybe.

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I get organic rye berries from a farmer that sells certified organic rye seed and grind my own rye flour with my NutriMill grain mill.  I pay about 50 cents a pound for my rye berries.