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Orange color in starter

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Orange color in starter

I am making a starter and don’t have much experience with sourdough.   I am on Day 7. It is a beast!  Lots of bubbles, doubling in about 3 hours and smelling fine. Last night it had this orange tint on some of the starter. I am posting a picture. 

I fed it this morning and it’s looking amazing in terms of bubbles and how much is rising. The orangey colors are only very faintly there anymore. 

I would appreciate some thoughts about whether or not based on the photo I should assume it is bad and to toss and start over. 

thanks in advanced. 

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If you say your starter is fine (smells sour and yeasty, no moldy or rancid smell) and the color is barely there anymore, it probably is fine. Maybe it was just some bran or something like that.

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Am going to feed a few more days and see what happens. Hope the orange streak stays away. 

Thanks for your input. 

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To play it safe, I always start with a clean container when I feed my starter. I figure that if I use a clean container and mix thoroughly, then contaminants like mold or other undesirable organisms will have no chance to accumulate. You could give that a shot if you're worried.