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As a newbie here, I really have to ask this..............what does a pre-ferment accomplish?   I have a recipe for a Harvest Seeded loaf and it calls for a pre-ferment.   Is it beneficial to do this even if the recipe doesn't call for it?


I have tried the Tang Zhong (don't know if I have spelled right) and was not impressed.  I couldn't tell the difference in the loaf.   


Right now I'm just wondering about pre-ferment.



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- improve the overall gluten structure because a part of the dough has developed its gluten strands very well

- add more complex flavors 

- make the bread easier to digest because a bigger part of the dough's sugars and starches have been broken down already.

If you have the time, I would recommend using pre-ferments, but imo you can do very well without it if you give it a decent autolyse or mixing or bulk-fermentation or final proof :)