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I've been getting a 'not secure' notice on the address bar of TFL. Has something changed and is this something to worry about?

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 I have had the same thing .


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Nothing has changed at TFL. Chrome and other browsers are getting more uptight about wanting content delivered over SSL and more in your face if it isn't. The forms here all submit over SSL but much of the content isn't served securely.

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I've also been getting the "not secure" message on the main page and on all the forum pages.

I'm running the latest version of Safari 12.1.2 on macOS 10.14.6 (latest version, fully up to date).

I also just tried Firefox version 69.0.1 (latests version as of the moment of this post) and it also show shows that the connection is not secure.

The only time I see SSL actually working is when I post a comment, like right now. It's rather odd