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Hamelman's Swiss Farmhouse Community Bake Attempt

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Hamelman's Swiss Farmhouse Community Bake Attempt


Day 12:30 PMYeast Build 1 (100g YW and 160g BF) - mix    
 5:30 AMYeast Build 2 (add 188g water and then 200g BF, 96g WW)    
Day 212:30 PMAdd 493g BF and 376g water and 19g salt   
  Mix nuts and raisins using lamination   
  stretch and fold approx 3x   
 3:00 PMDivide, preshape, shape   
  ferment room temp 2hr   
 5:00 PMBake at 450 for 15 min and then lower to 430   

Build #1 was extremely slow and I started to think that my mango yeast water didn't work. I ended up letting it go 15 hours (eeek!). My Build #2 seemed to go extremely fast so I called it after 7 hours as it looked domed, puffy, and had risen abut 3x. Approximately 80 degrees inside. I did 2.5 hours for the bulk ferment and 2 hours for the final as it wasn't passing the finger dent test. The dough felt great to work with. This is pretty much my typical crumb. Would have liked it to be more open, but it tastes good. Not sure what happened to all of the fruit! 

The loaves had a nice expansion in the oven, but then crust definitely looks different than all of my other loaves. Very fun to try using YW. Thanks to Danny for leading the community bake! 

Build #2

Final proof:

Final Proof



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Abe (not verified)

Looking good. Everything seems to have turned out well. 

Hope this is a typo though but it seems to be missing salt in the recipe. 

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I almost forgot the salt! I didn't - I used 19g. I'll amend the post. 

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Did you ever figure out what happened to the raisins? I’m curious.


Update - I see you used golden raisins. Were they camouflaged?

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The raisins and nuts were definitely in there and even fairly evenly distributed. I think I was just too skimpy/cheap with nuts and fruit because I didn't think the bread would turn out. It tasted great though and I gave most of it away and got great reviews! 

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Nice work.