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Old baker, new to blogs

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Old baker, new to blogs

Hello everyone.  Have been baking breads for 59 years and still learning.  Found this blog today while looking for a way to salvage an old dough bowl I purchased at a yard sale some years ago.  The bowl developed a crack and I'm hoping to save it as I love old items.  Have two old rolling pins.  One was given to me 59 years ago when an elderly lady was breaking up home and she asked if I could use it.  Yep!  Have use it exclusively all these years and it's like brand new.  Rescued another similar one from a yard sale.  Was wondering if dough can be raised in an old crock as I have several of those.  I have made fermented cabbage(sauerkraut).  Just love making bread though and have made gluten free bread as well.  So happy to have found you.


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Welcome, Annamarie.  You will find many friendly and helpful persons on this site sharing a great enthusiasm for and pleasure in baking bread.  Happy baking.


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Anna Marie, I can tell from reading your post that you are a real jewel! Your brief history is interesting. I look forward to seeing some of your baked goods. In a world filled with plastic and chrome, wood and leather is something very special...

Please send a photograph of your dough bowl. Hopefully someone here can help to restore it. 

Welcome to the forum! 


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should not be a problem as far as I can see.  As long as it's big enough.

So happy to have you on the site, bet you can teach us all a thing or two!