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Need a recipe for Jamaican Hard Dough Bread

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Need a recipe for Jamaican Hard Dough Bread

I detest being addicted to something that is only offered in a few places. That is why I tend to avoid shopping at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. No, I don't eat cheezy poofs because I don't want to buy cheezy poofs. 

But oh boy do I love eating Jamaican hard dough bread. My wife is Jamaican, with family in our native Jersey. So when they come down here to Nawlins they got to bring a suitcase of beef patties, hard dough bread and ackee. 

I want to be free of this damned dependence. So allow me to ask again- does anyone have a recipe for Jamaican hard dough bread?


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David R

I don't know about Jamaica, but in the US a packet of yeast is not even quite up to 1 tablespoon, let alone 2. I would expect that one packet is enough regardless, and make sure it's instant yeast, not active dry - because those instructions would likely fail using active dry.