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Adding old dough to a croissant recipe

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Adding old dough to a croissant recipe

hi guys, so I already have my go to croissant recipe, which I will post, however  I would like to add 18% of old croissant scraps for more flavor, but I do not know how to incorporate it and how much  to add . Can you please help me to figure out the amount in grams needed. Here is my recipe:

800 gram flour 

520 gram milk 

100 gram sugar 

5 tsp yeast

4 tsp salt

55 grams butter 


total dough : 1.5 kg 





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I don't think the actual amount matters  unless you have a ton of scraps leftover.  Just incorporate them into the dough before you begin to laminate in the butter.

Be sure to read the comments.

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Toss it in with the initial mix. I do it all the time with 3:8 old croissant scrap to flour ratio.