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Adding ingredients after bulk fermentation

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Adding ingredients after bulk fermentation

Hi! First post here!

I'm doing a simple sourdough. Just finished bulk fermentation and I'm ready to form two boules, but now I want to add some other ingredient just to give the bread an extra.

Can you add ingredients after bulk fermentation, while forming the bread? What would you recomend and how do you think it will look?



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David R

Certainly you can stick seeds or other things on the outside; I'm guessing that wasn't what you meant, and that you were referring to working new ingredients right into the dough, after bulk fermentation? What kind of things were you considering?

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Exactly! I was thinking either butter or cheese, or herbs and spices (pepper, rosemary, fresh thyme?)

I thought of adding them between the folds of the boule

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Mini Oven

spread out the dough into a large rectangle and covered it with a thin sauce, herbs, cheese, olives slices etc.  then folded it up and cut sections off pinching one side to form a bottom.  Then let the top flop open.  "End of winter tire sale"

Also done similar smear and roll up the dough with fillings to make a whole loaf or rolls.