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Hamelman's Five Grain Levain - Community Bake

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Hamelman's Five Grain Levain - Community Bake

Thank you Danny for this community bake. Every single bake a gem. Difficult to comment on every single one so this compliment is for you! I've read all the posts, seen all the lovely bakes and everyone brought me inspiration. This is a credit to Jeffrey Hamelman and a testimony to how good his book "Bread" is.

For my bake I used Green Wheat Freekeh, Rolled Barley and a seed mix of Sunflower, Pumpkin, Sesame and Flaxseed. 

If you haven't tried this recipe yet then I urge you to join in. 


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sandwich sluce' it's perfect. 

Btw, what is freekeh? 

Well done, my friend '

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Abe (not verified)

Best sandwich loaf I've ever made. 

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The stuff sounds great. I bet I could find that at my lebaneae market. Hadn't heard of it before.

Keep on baking! 



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Abe (not verified)

This is the one I use. It's the cracked version so I thought why not use it instead of the cracked rye since I had some in the cupboard to use up.

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like rye chops, so the chances of finding freekeh are slim. Although, since it's compared to farro, there may be a small chance. Otherwise, like I said, it's off to the middle-Eastern shops for me :-)

Thanks for the link. That's the brand I found on amazon, if push comes to shove.

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Looks so good, and the accolade of the best sandwich loaf you've made is quite something. 

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Abe (not verified)

I think the pullman takes most of the credit for the perfect sandwich loaf. This bread is definitely something you should try one day.

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her daily sandwich for lunch!  Has to make great toast with butter and jam too.  Well done and happy baking Abe

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Abe (not verified)

It is even more delicious toasted. This recipe is a keeper for sure. 

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Jeffrey Hamelman

Fellow bakers,

I have always strongly felt that home bakers--that crazy bunch!--are in many ways bringing the level of baking to a higher place than even professional bakers, in that they are willing to try anything, go down any alley however blind it may first appear, and experiment in any and all directions. Reading all these posts about the Five Seed Sourdough, seeing all the amazing photos, and seeing the universal support and goodwill among all the posters, really confirms my thoughts about the great value of home bakers. When I look back on the evolution of baking in North America in the past four decades, it absolutely boggles my mind. I'm a home baker now too, having left King Arthur almost two years ago (I followed an inner instinct and left while I still loved it, after 18 good years), and I'm enjoying this new phase immensely. 

Please keep it up (I know you will),


PS. Currently I am in Russia (St. Petersburg) teaching some baking classes. This is my second trip in the past several months. I can say that there is never a discussion about politics--we are uniting on that most fundamental level--bread! And the Russian home and professional bakers have a passion and a fire for baking not unlike the best of the Americans.

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Enjoy your teaching in Russia. All I know is my family loved your 5 Grain bread and it’s going to be a staple in my house!

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Jeffrey, please give the bakers in Russia (and everywhere you teach) the address of our forum. We are always happy to have new bakers join in. As we share our knowledge together, we all become better bakers and make great friends in the process.

Thanks for everything you do to help bakers, the world over.