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Large hole in sourdough

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Large hole in sourdough

I read through this issue on previous posts but think my situation may be different. I have been commercially baking bread for the past 12 years but want advice. I make 8-20 loaves of sourdough a night, shape them in baskets as a batard, and leave them covered in the walk in for at least 24 hours. They are baked in cast iron pots for 35 minutes lid on and 30 minutes lid off.  I have been doing this for the past nine months and this is my first time encountering this problem. Is it my shaping? What could be causing this issue? 

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Mini Oven

They are a sneaky bunch and I wouldn't put it past them to leave this sort of evidence.  Burnt bottoms is another sign.  They love the heat.   Joking aside...

How many loaves are affected?

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Abe (not verified)

Looks like a fold to me. Perhaps too much flour got inside the dough when shaping. 

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Looks like a shaping error - some air got trapped in the fold.

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Roger Lambert

The key, that I have found is to flip the dough upside down (after the 2nd rise) and with your fingers, dimple the bread right through to the bottom.  This helps to disperse gas evenly.  Works every time for me.