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The more I know the less I know

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The more I know the less I know

Hi All


I have been baking bread for a few months now and after reading advice on here I have created my starter


My plan was to make a sourdough loaf after reviewing advice and recipes, with the thoughts of autolyse, etc in my head , however I have been given Andrew Mortons , Brilliant Bread book and in some of his sourdough bread recipes he advises to use your starter when it has not  been fed for a few days. He also advises to knead sourdough

So I have went from thinking I knew what I was doing to being confused with the extra information about starters and kneading


any pointers would be great.

Happy New Year 



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to make bread. I suggest you try one method a few times, and if you don’t like what you get, try something else. It is best though if you stick to the same recipe and just change one thing at a time. Did I ever do that? I have to admit no! 😂 But the results always taste good even if it might not look like you want it to. 

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Danni’s advice to stick with one bread is a good one. Find a basic formula and bake it until to are confident to succeed.

We have posted a formula/method that is targeted to new sourdough bakers.


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using multiple day old starter sounds kinda raunchy to me


but i like raunchy so who knows lol 

Anyway, as the other posters noted, there's more than one way to skin a cat. 

Experience and practice is key. Don't pay too much attention to the theory unless you hit a snag. Here in the West, we like to overload ourselves on information, getting caught on the tiny details of things. Book learning is limited to the boundary of practical experience.

Just bake and bake and you will develop a feel for the dough, then you won't need recipes anymore.