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The more I know the less I know

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The more I know the less I know

Hi All


I have been baking bread for a few months now and after reading advice on here I have created my starter


My plan was to make a sourdough loaf after reviewing advice and recipes, with the thoughts of autolyse, etc in my head , however I have been given Andrew Mortons , Brilliant Bread book and in some of his sourdough bread recipes he advises to use your starter when it has not  been fed for a few days. He also advises to knead sourdough

So I have went from thinking I knew what I was doing to being confused with the extra information about starters and kneading


any pointers would be great.

Happy New Year 



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to make bread. I suggest you try one method a few times, and if you don’t like what you get, try something else. It is best though if you stick to the same recipe and just change one thing at a time. Did I ever do that? I have to admit no! 😂 But the results always taste good even if it might not look like you want it to. 

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Danni’s advice to stick with one bread is a good one. Find a basic formula and bake it until to are confident to succeed.

We have posted a formula/method that is targeted to new sourdough bakers.