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Swedish Vort Limpa Help!

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Swedish Vort Limpa Help!

Hi there, I was hoping I might find some help diagnosing my loaf of Swedish Vort Limpa. There are enough complicating ingredients that I’m not sure what to expect out of the finished bread.

It’s about 50/50 dark rye to white bread flour, and the liquid is beer with melted butter and molasses. There’s also orange zest and fennel seeds.

The flavor is good (good reviews from the taste test subjects at work!) but I’m not sure if the loaf is really as it should be.

The bottom crust was getting a little dark, so I pulled it from the oven maybe a little early. The bottom of the loaf is on the denser side and the bottom crust doesn’t exactly taste burnt, but it is extra chewy and dark.

Over risen? Under baked? Or am I on the right track and I just don’t know what I should expect from this dough?