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Unexperienced old timer

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Unexperienced old timer

I have the challenge of bringing home made bread for Thankgiving this year. I have not made bread since 1970. We like grainy or rustic breads and rolls. Help!  Where do I start with an easy recipe or two?

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Krustil, I imagine you want to bake with commercial yeast. I am familiar with sourdough, so my go-to would be this one.

I bake only 2 yeasted breads. One is Ciabatta and the other is Hawaiian Sweet Bread. Here is the link for my favorite sweet bread. It makes great rolls also. The instructions are very detailed but not difficult. If you follow them closely you are destined to succeed.



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Lazy Man's brioche-great rolls, not too sweet, not too rich, Great loaf!

Simple Sunflower Rolls

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Mini Oven

You can easily get some of the grandkids or neighbors to help roll buns.