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Emergency brioche question

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Emergency brioche question

help! I made my brioche dough in a slight rush and completely forgot to let it rise at room temp and stuck it directly into the fridge!! Is my dough ruined???

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I certainly wouldn't think so, but you might need to give it some time to rise after you pull it out of the fridge. Hard to say without knowing more about the formula you used.

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75ml milk

zest of 4 oranges or vanilla bean pod

400g all purpose flour

8g yeast

65g sugar

8g salt

5 eggs room temp and beaten

170g butter

thats my recipe. Would you recommend I let it rise at room temp right out of the fridge or out of the fridge should I shape it first (I do braids) and then just let it rise a little longer. 

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It might be the best tasting dough ever. Just take out, cover so it doesn't dry out, let bulk ferment, shape, final proof,bake.

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Great thank you!