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are my braids too tight?

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Robin O

are my braids too tight?

Hi There- I'm new here.... I'm a long time baker and am rediscovering my love for breads! I found a really nice recipe for Challah - ( ) the flavors great and it's easy to work with... whats more it makes 4 loaves so I can practice different braids- so I'm not really looking for a new recipe. My question/problem seems self inflicted- I would really like less oven spring (is that the term for the lighter space between the braids where it has risen during baking?!?) Could you tell me what causes this and a remedy? Thank you for your time!

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the tearing between the braids is characteristic of an underproofed try taking your proof a bit further

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I'd be thrilled to bake a bread like that. Your individual ropes are so uniform. I've tried, and it ain't easy.

And to think, with a tweak in the proofing it could look better.



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Robin O

Thanks! I'll Try again tomorrow! :) 

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Do you have headaches?

Sorry about that.