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Sticky, sticky dough

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Sticky, sticky dough

I've been making bread several loaves a week for over a year now. I flatter myself that I've become pretty good at it, at least so much so that I've got a few "customers," i.e. one paying customer and a couple of local farmers with whom I barter for pork and raw milk. This is how my bread empire begins.

But I'm having a lot of trouble with the stickiness of the dough. This gets in the way of effective shaping. Actually, I can almost always get a nice, round shape out of the dough. But I can only do it with considerable difficulty, because the loaves are just so sticky. 

I've tried dusting my hands (and the loaves) with flour, and also rubbing my hands with a bit of water. The flour doesn't help much at all; the water does, but only for a bit before the stickiness sets in again.

My APF flour is at around 13% protein. I'm working at about 75% hydration. 

Leaven goes overnight; then I mix leaven, flour and water and let rest for an hour; then I let rise for another 5 hours, with turns every 1/2 hour for two hours then every hour for the remaining three hours. 

Generally it's just sticky as all getup. Messy and frustrating. Again, I can shape them---but it's just a pain in the neck. 

Any advice?


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Have you considered reducing the hydration?

what about a super thin coating of oil on your hands, bench, and tools? A little dab will do ya...

Are you sure your formula is correct? Maybe too much water.

Does your dough use any add ins?

Just a few thoughts that come to mind.


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Dan is on the money. I think a thin coat of oil will solve your problem. However, I think sticky dough and some difficulty shaping comes with the territory when getting close to 80% hydration. 

Sometimes we get too caught up with working with higher and higher hydration. 

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Lazy Loafer

I make ciabatta at 80% hydration and shape it very gently with a good coating of flour. Anything else, I usually keep the hydration around 72% or less. The bread and crumb still turn out just fine and it's much easier to deal with. Is your final dough 75% hydration, or is that the dough hydration not counting the levain hydration? Sometimes it makes a stronger dough if you keep the overall hydration the same but put more of the flour into the levain to make it stiff.

'Sticky' usually indicates something like over-fermentation, oxidation or insufficient gluten development. How do you develop the gluten before bulk ferment (and the four stretch & folds)? Do you mix by hand or machine? Do you use any method like slap & fold, Rubaud, or another? Do you get a good strong, stretchy windowpane?


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Lazy Loafer said something that made me think. Are you counting the flour and the water of your starter in with your hydration?  If your starter is wet,say 100% it will affect the hydration calculations of the dough.


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What I usually do with high hydration dough (85%) is usually putting some water on the bowl scraper and use it during shaping, i find that's less sticking than hand :)