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Problem with crust color

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Problem with crust color

Hey guys, I'm having problems with my crust color, I was introduced to the Dutch oven and that changed my life in bread baking. However whenever I wAnt to make high hydration rolls of Mimi baguettes, or even baguettes i can never get that golden brown  colered crust, it always seems to come out grayish, any idea why of suggestions or tricks that can help me!?! 

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Grayish sounds like overproofing.

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Is your oven temperature correct? Also consider a bit of malt flour, say 0.2%; it might produce just enough sugar to do the trick.


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If so, diastatic malt might be in order.

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Mini Oven

Check the real oven temp and make sure it's thoughly preheated.


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from the dusting flour (if you do that). It tends to hide a bread's real colour. Just a thought.