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Effects of delayed starter feeding ?

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Effects of delayed starter feeding ?

Hey all,

I'm very new to bread baking. I've been visiting this forum for a while and you've all been great help with many miscellaneous questions I've had over the months.

Now, I have a question in regard to feeding my starter. 

At room temp, I feed my starter twice a day .. 9am and 9pm. However, sometimes my weekend schedule is such that I'd want my levain to peak later in the day after I feed it. 

How sensitive is starter to deviations in feeding schedule? Is it ok to delay feeding it by 1hr ... 6hrs, if needed?  



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It somewhat depends on a starter but based on my experience I would expect no effect at all.  I feed my starter at twice its peak time and have left it even longer.

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twice a year.  I really hate being tied to a anything twice a day.  It's like a chain and ball with none of the exercise lugging them around:-)

I would guess you could feed it once a week and keep it in  the fridge just fine too or feed it even every other day on the counter.

Happy baking