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New “baker” looking for your suggestion.

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the P and the C

New “baker” looking for your suggestion.

First things first, hello I’m dink, and thanks to each of you for being such a collective of inspiration and encouragement. As a new loafer, I am looking to you for a suggestion as to what recipe or recipes I should try in my next few attempts. 

Just let me know and I might even post my results, wether they be positive or otherwise. I literally have my fingers crossed.

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I love anything bread so I would have a tough time choosing a path. Each flour (white/AP, Whole wheat, rye, spelt/ancient grains, even gluten free) has its own learning curve but white/AP is probably the easiest.

How about a Hokkaido Milk bread?

HERE is Floyd's (our host) recipe and pics. Just enter "Hokkaido" into the search box. There are many more. TxFarmer's (unfortunately the pics are gone) is the iconic post here. It is marvelous even without  the pics.

How about brioche?

THIS is Floyd's again but there are many more recipes. His works and I have made it dozens of times.

Want a video? How about  Mark Sinclair's Potato Rolls ?

RECIPES?  This is where the recipes are. It is a little harder to navigate then the general "SEARCH" box. Also-take a look at the sidebars and headers. Lots of resources.

Have great delicious fun!


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the P and the C

I might have to attempt that here soon. I’ve also been thinking about making some brioche as well. This weekend might be the time to finally try.

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i'm an inexperienced baker, and i've had a couple breads so far that were really successful for me.  first is makebreadnet's Faux Sourdough.  instead of starter, it uses yogurt and was incredibly tasty and easy enough for me to make

the other is a spelt soda bread - well, actually it's baking powder bread.  it's almost ridiculously easy, fast and tasty.  i've already made four loaves, all complete successes.  they're little loaves, and you can make them with whole or white spelt or a combination of both.

so far, these are the ones i liked making the best and that my husband and i liked eating the best :D

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Please post photos of your bakes. What I found helpful when starting to home bake was to just concentrate on one recipe.

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If you a complete newbie or close, I suggest starting with something beginner-level using commercial yeast. My usual suggestion is a basic no-knead loaf like Lahey's.

If you're not, what to do next depends on what you've learned so far.

Another key question is what types of bread you want to bake. 

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the P and the C

Since then I’ve made some hoagies, a couple sourdough, Portuguese sweet bread, a rye(seedless), papo secos, ciabatta and a few different shaping of basic white bread for practice.

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Maybe you're a prodigy.  :p

As an admittedly general suggestion, for the next step on your learning curve, you might want to look at recipes that build on what you've done already while moving toward the types of bread you're most interested in. 

I also remember that when I was starting, it was tempting and fun to try a wide variety. In retrospect, I think I'd have been better off to repeat a smaller range in order to become more consistent within that narrower range. But that's just me; other people learn differently.