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Advanced Bread & Pastry for $16

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Advanced Bread & Pastry for $16

Hi All,

If you are like me and have been eyeing Advanced Bread and Pastry by Michel Suas, founder of the San Francisco Baking Institute but haven't wanted to bite the bullet on the price...

You can rent the title for 6 months for $16 and change at  This is an e-title but it isn't one of those annoying e-books with the the nightmarish formats (I love my Kindle but I prefer to get hard copies of my reference books, especially cookbooks.) Happily, the book is scanned in the same format as the text and easy to read on a laptop/computer or large tablet screen in full color.

Now, if they would just add Modernist Bread, we could all die happy and not broke.

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FWIW, they are fairly easy to find in $60 range.