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Turmeric Polenta Orange Straight Dough

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Turmeric Polenta Orange Straight Dough

I had some leftover grits made from stoneground corn and I have been wanting to make a corn/turmeric/orange loaf for a while. So no recipe-everything pretty much off the cuff and here it is.

I have my recipe development incuded with my notes. The volume amounts for a few items were eyeballed (butter,honey,orange zest) but where there is a gram weight, the item was actually weighed. I am not sure of the cooked grits amounts of the leftovers I actually used-my husband made them and he starts with the directions and adds additional water sometimes.  So if you want to try this recipe, just make the grits or polenta according to directions.

This is a lovely, soft,fragrant bread that is great toasted or eating out of hand.  It is SCREAMING yellow and a little bitter so I would reduce the turmeric next time. See notes. 


STRAIGHT DOUGH      800G LOAF/ 1 ½ qt rectangular casserole pan    375F    50 minutes

Very soft,moist sandwich bread. Bright yellow. A little bitter tasting-next time less turmeric.




Lovely softness to this bread.


Cooked grits/polenta:


Dry grits

1/3 c

52 g







½ tsp







Cook grits/polenta as directed  and cool to lukewarm or use leftover.



Orange juice

2/3 c


Mix into grits and whisk smooth


1 ½ c

200 ml

Decrease to 150ml next time

Other ingredients:


AP flour

2 ¾ c




2 tsp


Decrease to 1 tsp next time


1 tsp




1 ½ tsp


Osmotolerant yeast used-can use IDY


1-2 tbsp




3 tbsp


Sub. Oil next time

Orange Zest

Aprox.2 tsp




Mix grits and orange juice. Whisk smooth.

Mix dry ingredients in bowl-except salt (I mix dough first and add salt later)

Add all liquids, honey, butter and orange zest.

Mix just until well combined and rest 10 minutes.

Mix to windowpane, then rest 10 minutes

Add salt and finish mixing to combine salt.

(This is a very sticky dough due to the cooked cereal.Do not add extra flour. It barely forms a ball.)

Treat like a very slack, sticky rye dough-S&F every 30 minutes x 4 during bulk fermentation.

Place in oiled bowl to rise. Mine took 3 hours at 85F

Shaped and put in oiled and oatmealed pan (I use oatmeal as a pan release instead of cornmeal)

Very slack-very sticky dough. (Is it so slack from acid in OJ??)

Rise and bake 375F about 50 minutes.


The pics of the crumb make it look as if it was slightly underproofed but I thought it was a bit overproofed as I put it into the oven. I was afraid it was going to go "poof" and collapse. Final proof was 55 minutes on a porch that was warmer than I thought!

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I love that “screaming” yellow colour! Well done!

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Screaming yellow.  I like the looks but it is the taste that has to rule the day.  One of the first breads I saw here on the Fresh Loaf was a Turmeric, Orange SD bread that Shao - Ping did and it was the color that set it apart and made me try it.


But the pictures are now gone.  Mine never looked as good as hers did but I made mine with Orange YW and It sure tasted and smelled great!.

I bet the Polenta would even make it better!  Well done and 

Happy baking Clazar

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Her Turmeric Orange loaf (and all her bakes) were beautiful! I have made her recipe and it was quite delicious but a little gentler color.

This was an unplanned baked. had an unexpected  free day starting at 9am but it was not enough time to use my usual natural levain. The polenta was also unexpected-my SO had made a new brand and didn't like the texture (stone ground-gritty) and wouldn't eat them. So I went for it and just made up a recipe on the spot to incorporate the grits/polenta.

The 2 tsp of turmeric are probably at the upper limit of how much turmeric to use-flavor-wise. I can definitely taste the turmeric-peppery but not unpleasant. It mellowed a bit overnight and toasted beautifully. Next time I would probably  use only 1 tsp. I'm sure the color would be bright but maybe not screaming.

I'm curious as to why the dough was so slack. I have only encountered that in a sourdough up til now. I'm sure the polenta accounted for the stickiness but the slackness was notable. I could have stretched that dough paper thin from Florida to Texas-even with the polenta in it! Polenta strudel anyone? Was it the acidity from the OJ?

All in all a pleasant, soft loaf, especially for a porridge bread. I'm sure if I was not familiar with sticky dough and had added extra flour in an attempt to decrease the stickiness, I would have had a screaming yellow brick. 

delicious fun!