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Kitchenaid mixer K5SS starting and stopping

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Kitchenaid mixer K5SS starting and stopping

My mixer will turn 1/4 of the way randomly, but most of the time it stands still. I can hear the motor working but the planetary is barely (if at all) moving. Has anyone else experienced this? How did you solve the problem? Thanks!

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I haven't had your problem exactly but I did recently try to find someone who would service my 20-year-old K5ss for a simple replacement of the lubrication and learned that the nearest place to have it serviced was 100 miles away. So I did it myself with lube and seals ordered online. There's a number of good tutorials, video and manuals, online and I simply grabbed the appropriate tools and plunged right in. What the heck a mixer can't sue ya for malpractice! Got it all put back together and had no 'leftover' parts. So that may be your best bet for replacing any damaged gears if you can't find someone to service it. Hey! it ain't working now so if it isn't working when you get done all you're out is a few bucks for parts and if you get it up and running you can thump your chest and brag to all and sundry.