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I've been having good luck with Ken Forkish bread recipes but today I forgot to add the yeast to my final dough.  My poolish was lovely and active, when the final dough didn't rise much in 3 hr I realized I'd forgotten the yeast.  I just added it, after waking it up in a couple Tblsp warm water.  I pinched and folded as I would when mixing the final dough.  I put the tub in the oven with the door closed, my fingers crossed.  Has anyone else out there done this?  How did it work?

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Lechem (not verified)

Is added for an extra boost. The bread would have still worked albeit with a longer bulk ferment. There was no need to add the extra yeast as long as you watch the dough and not the clock. But you have done well and I'm sure it'll be just fine. It's very forgiving. 

Happy Holidays. 

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Mini Oven

the rise will go fast now and so will the final proof.  If it rises too much, knock it down and do a final shaping.  Heat the oven while the bread proofs.   

Merry Christmas!

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Since yeast are multiplying they should eventual reach the same quantity that you'd be shooting for had you added it when you should have. Cases like this as lechem points out just require time - maybe Te best option is to just get the dough to a place where the temperature is ideal for growth and then do what mini oven says (80f ish and 'watch the dough')

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Thanks for all the information and advice.  It did rise in about 2 hr and shaped up just as I would have expected normally.  It baked up perfectly, nice crust and crumb.  I just had a nice levaine the day before ("Country Brown" from FWSY) so the poolish seemed a bit bland to me but that is the nature of this white poolish.  So much fun!  Im so glad to have found this site.