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Open Crumb Rich Dough Panettone.

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Open Crumb Rich Dough Panettone.

I am trying to have super open crumb with rich dough(butter and egg enriched).

I follow classic open crumb techniques. 

I have a biga(first dough).

I  mix biga with my final dough(by hand). But hold back salt and additional yeast and a bit of water, butter and candied fruit. 

I autolyse for and hour or so(I do not want to autolyse too much since biga is already fermenting the final dough).

I add salt and yeast and water mix a bit more.(by hand), I add cold butter and mix by hand. 
Wait 2 Stretch and Folds (30 min each) and  add the candied fruit and do 6-8 S&F every half hour very.

Bulk Ferment and divide pre shape(gentle) and shape. I bulk ferment in colder temp since it is easier to shape the dough since it has ton of butter.


Also How do you incorporate Butter if you are mixing by hand? I can mix it by mixer but slow but I get even more open crumbs with regular sourdough when I mix by hand.  
What is the scientific reason for adding cold butter. I can guess we add the butter at the end since gluten will be some what developed and cold chunks wont break gluten. So If I am mixing by hand why not use room temp butter. After all we are not making a pie dough. 


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of this page, type in "panettone mwilson" (minus the quotation marks) and stand back.  You'll get a wealth of posts to read about Michael's experimentation with and mastery of panettone.


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Butter will inhibit the gluten development, so I would try adding it in only after mixing to medium gluten development. Don't know what to suggest about hand mixing technique though.