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Dutch Oven

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Dutch Oven

What is a good reasonably priced pot and good size For baking bread?  THANKS.  POPS

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Lodge makes a series of cast iron dutch ovens. I have one and it works great. Check out their website:


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Seems to be the best for bread. The low bottom makes loading easy.

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I have been using this one ($27) for about 3 years and find it does the job very well.  As far as loading the Lodge combo skillet and covers are definitely  easier to load but cost a quite a bit more. To load my Dutch oven I just make a cradle out of parchment which takes 2 minutes and drop my breads in that way.

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Folks say that it is important to get the correct size vessel.  That will be based on the size/volume/weight of the bread that you wish to bake.  

Many people like the Lodge Combo Cooker because it is an easy and safe way to load the dough into the vessel.  Do a search from the search box in the upper right to see some opinions as your question has been asked numerous times these past dozen years.