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Low Carb Bread Problems

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Low Carb Bread Problems

I just started working at a scratch bakery, and one of the bread types we make is a low carb loaf.  I don't know what is in the mix since it is proprietary and the owner won't tell me.   The problem is that the bread "breaks" while it is proving, causing large cracks in the loaves.  Can anyone tell me what I can do to avoid this?  

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Mini Oven

to hold up the sides while proofing and probably baking.  

If a dry surface is the problem, cover to keep them moist.  Perhaps with a wrung out thin towel or inverted pans or trays.

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Low carb breads usually do not need rising or proving. Usually they have a chemical leaven like baking powder or soda. Yeast has no food in a low carb bread so does not work well.

Just ask if there if there is a chemical leavener. If yes, then it is pretty much mix, pour into the pan and bake. Often, the pan is necessary for height and the product should cool in the pan to set before de-panning or it will fall and become dense. Kind of like an angel cake.